About Us

Miramar film was founded in 2001 by Ilian Djevelekov, Matey Konstantinov and Georgi Dimitrov and quickly became one of the leading production companies in advertising. Over the years the company produced hundreds of fiction and animated commercials for clients such as DSK Bank, Mtel, Lukoil, CiBank, Eurofootball, Technopolis and many others.

Miramar film organises various corporate events, BTL campaigns and concerts. The company specialises also in set design and constructions for events such as Sportsman of the Year, Coca Cola Energy Tour, TV shows and reality shows (House Arrest, VIP Brother among others). Miramar film has a highly professional team of FX specialists, working on visual effects for commercials and feature films.

Often, Miramar film is also the creative agency for the commercials and the events that it produces.

Miramar film is also producer of fiction, documentaries and animated films. In 2008 the feature film ZIFT by Javor Gardev became the most successful Bulgarian film since the fall of the Communism. It won the Silver George Award for Best Director at the Moscow film festival and was extremely well received by audience and critics around the world.

The second feature film produced by the company was LOVE.NET, directed by Ilian Djevelekov who co-wrote the script with Matey Konstantinov and Nelly Dimitrova. Production designer was Georgi Dimitrov. LOVE.NET was number one at the box office for 2011. It was selected at various international festivals and received prestigious national and international awards.

Among the documentaries produced by Miramar film are Ethiopia – 13 Months of Sunshine (2004), Peru – the Unknown Planet of Incas (2006), The White General (2008), Cuba is Music (2009), The Show Goes On (2010).

Miramar film is also Bulgarian co-producer of international co-productions – There Was Never a Better Brother (2011) by director Murad Ibragimbekov and the Polish-Bulgarian Karbala (2015) based on a true story about Polish and Bulgarian soldiers in Iraq.

In 2012 the short animation REW DAY, by director Svilen Dimitrov, was selected at the official out of competition section of the Annecy Animation Film Festival and went on to win many awards at international festivals. The company produced also the 3D short animation The Magic Cake of Auntie Bantie (2014). Currently in production is Svilen Dimitrov’s next short animation Shell in Love (2017).

In the summer of 2016 Ilian Djevelekov shot his second feature film OMNIPRESENT working with the same creative team as in LOVE.NET. The film is about man who becomes obsessed with spying on the people around him via hidden cameras. The picture is slated for release in 2017.